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LC-500 Gradient Liquid chromatograph

Product model: LC500 Product time: 2020-04-20
This instrument is a very economic and practical analysis of the gradient elution system,Can complete high-pressure dual gradient elution;Compared with low pressure quaternary gradient,The characteris

Product overview

Independent patent technology was adopted to design the static motor control circuit, the automatic feedback tracking motor control signal function, improve the motor control accuracy, to ensure the pump reliability and stability

Floating type automatic correction seal technology and patent technology pump head automatic cleaning function,Can prolong the service life of the sealing ring, to ensure that instrument and durable high benefit.

Convenient and easy to use flow and pressure correction function, to ensure the instrument high precision and stability

Adopt two gradient to run the program design,could optional linear gradient and step gradient

Programmatic solvent type and compression factor,Can automatically compensate the full pre cleaning function,To facilitate rapid solvent replacement

  • Application of high precision photoelectric diode design, extension linear range
  • Convenient and quick unique light intensity gain system automatic correction function
  • Unique design of holmium glass cell, full wavelength scanning, convenient and accurate wavelength calibration
  • General flow cell design, easy to change between trace and constant cell
  • 旭昱高效液相色谱仪 采用自主技术设计的静态电机控制电路,实现电机控制信号的自动反馈跟踪功能,有效提高电机控制精度,确保了泵的可靠性及稳定性
  • 泵形式:串联或并联双柱塞
  • 浮动式自校正密封圈技术和泵头自清洗功能技术,可延长密封圈使用寿命,确保了仪器耐用高效益
  • 方便易用的流量和压力校正功能,确保仪器的高精度和稳定性
  • 采用两种梯度运行程序设计:线性梯度和阶梯梯度可选;
  • 程序化的溶剂类和压缩因子,可自动补偿
  • 完整的预清洗功能,更于快速溶剂更换
  • 采用全息双光栅技术
  • 应用高精度的光电二极管设计,线性范围扩大
  • 方便快捷*的光强增益系数自校正功能
  • *地钬玻璃池设计,全波长扫描,方便准确的波长校正
  • 通用样品池设计,微量与常量池之间更换方便
  • 氘灯更换简单、快捷,无须校正即可使用
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